Bromham Wheel


DIVISION D – FLOWER ARRANGING                           Judge Mrs Susan Frossell

For the Jonathan Mills Challenge Cup won by Anne Cowsill

NOTE: you can use garden grown or bought flowers and foliage.  Drapes and accessories are allowed in all classes.  Arrangements MUST be made up in the hall from 8am to 10am of show day.  See the Rules and Regulations for new information.



'Bromham Mill' and arrangement to depict Bromham Mill

(space allowed 2feet 6 inches/76cm)


'Bromham Churches' - an arrangement to include a candle(s)                   (space allowed 2 foot 6 inches/46cm)


'Bromham Antiques Fair' – a petite arrangement to include bric-a-brac max 9”x9”x9”/23cm x23cm x23cm (can be brought to the show pre-arranged)


Novice Class: 'Bromham Allotments' – an arrangement to include fruit and/or vegetables (space allowed 2 foot 6 inches/46cm)

16 years and under for the Junior Flower Arranging Cup - won by Eve Barnes


‘Bromham Lower School’ a colourful arrangement to depict an art lesson (space allowed 1foot 6 inches/46cm)


Bromham Show