Bromham Wheel

Visitor Feedback

The following comments are genuine feedback from visitors to the show.

  • Best value for a splendid afternoon of entertainment and fun
  • Just moved into the village and have been amazed at the variety of attractions and have made some new friends.
  • I liked the bungee jumping and the candy floss
  • I used to drive one of the buses on display and had the opportunity to sit again in the drivers seat, absolute magic.
  • Great selection of attractions, really enjoyed the craft fair and the sheepdog displays.
  • Our grandchildren were so tired in the evening that they didn’t get a bedtime story, they fell asleep at 7.00pm and slept until the morning – aaah bliss, we shall come again next year.
  • I stroked an owl for the first time at the show, it was soft and smooth and could turn its head right round
  • The model showman’s engine was amazing and I got to talk with the man who made it, I didn’t think it was possible to make such a small working engine – fabulous.

In order to continually improve the show each year, we appreciate any feedback either good or bad, and would encourage visitors to the shows to contribute their thoughts and ideas for improvement by completing the feedback form below.


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