Bromham Wheel

The Show Team

A small team of Bromham residents, work tirelessly throughout the year to organise and provide the village with an annual show. It has become Bromham’s single most important community event of the year, bringing together the whole village to enjoy a range of traditional activities, and maintaining an event first established in 1948.

The Bromham Show team also organise an Autumn Craft Fair held in the Village Hall in October or November each year, and usually a Spring Event, also in the Village Hall, in the form of an evening of social entertainment.

Current committee members are as follows:


Clive Haywood

Life Vice-President:

Raynor Casey

John Giles

Wito Martinow



Chloe Crowther

John Giles

Clive Haywood

Tony Bannard-Smith


Craft Fair:
Kath Kempsell

Facilities and Infrastructure:

Ian Kempsell

Wito Martinow

Budge Rogers


Chloe Crowther

Marketing & Promotions:

Clive Haywood

Chloe Crowther

Penny Rainbow

Victoria Dale

Mike & Binny Cryer

Bromham Show