Bromham Wheel

Bromham Show Aims

With an audience of typically 2000-3000 each year, the Bromham Show is now generally recognised as ‘The Community Event of the Year’ for Bromham village. 2017 will see our 70th show and the event is unquestionably one of the highlights of the community calendar, offering the residents of Bromham and visitors alike a wide range of fun and interesting activities.

Bromham Show is one of a diminishing number of village shows which continue to flourish and whilst retaining many of its traditions, it has adapted to the 21st century to ensure that it also offers plenty of interest for today's more demanding audience. The range of activities include: central arena attractions, sporting challenges, a craft fair, many side shows and of course the show exhibits themselves which comprise over 100 different classes for all ages and skill capabilities covering such topics as: flower, fruit and vegetables, cake making, art, crafts, photography and preserve making amongst others. The Show also offers a platform for local organisations, like Arthritis Research and the WI, to fund-raise, which enables their groups to flourish.

The Bromham Show team is active throughout the year, fundraising with events in the spring and autumn which help to finance the main show in July. Proceeds from these events are given back to various organisations in the village which helps to maintain the high level of activities for all. Bromham Show constantly involves the community which ensures that Bromham still retains its village atmosphere.

The show only succeeds because of the tireless commitment of the organising team who, year in year out, ensure that the show is properly planned, managed and developed to reflect changing times. This team, supported by The Friends of Bromham Show, still value village life and importantly the value of community. Through their personal time and commitment the show continues to be successful.

Bromham Show